ANonymous COnsumers
5 June launch date. Thank you for your support!
Bringing value to consumer behaviour.
Through protection and evaluation.
Join the real cryptocurrency evolution. Join ANCO.
ANCO Technologies bring consumers joy when abroad.
Enjoy a variety of shopping options with ANCO.
ANCO brings quality into your cultural life.
ANCO guarantees and makes your information secure.
Mission Statement
Protect the rights of each anonymous consumer and effectively use the data collected by protecting consumer's anonymity through the technology which prevents intrusion into computers.

By using characteristics of Cryptokurans, we aim at the practical use of online and offline use for all consumers throughout the world.
Market Problems
Forming Pan-Asian consumer rights.
Coming closer in the same consume right, which is similar to European Union (EU) by the increase in industrial exchange and tourism
Personal information of consumers in the age of Internet

Consumer data is not protected but shared indiscriminately through the Internet along with personal information and traded or shared via a certain amount of money.
Need to improve consumer rights in Pan-Asian

- Applying the function of decentralization and information security, the technique to prevent from computer intrusion is able to 'guarantee the anonymity of consumers'

- Overcome Pan Asiatic, enhance consumers' benefits worldwide through the anonymity and convenience of cryptocurrency.

The Crypto Trend
ANCO in Crypto
Crypto-currency has really not been used or progressed according to the plan, which has caused many companies to fail or intentionally disappear
Why is ANCO different ?

- ANCO is carried out together with an online / offline business that can be really used.

- By using the technology preventing from access to computers, protecting consumer information and securing the majority of anonymous consumer data, ANCO Coin itself will be priced through the company which wants to have the majority of consumer data.

Swapped with online game companies / points and can be used to buy a variety of products, which can be paid at cafes, restaurants, spas and offline hotels.

Complete contract of web game platform company Open your mind to new experiences
In the web game platform, you can enjoy games with ANCO coin.

In addition, it is possible to withdraw money by Coin upon receiving a reward for being the winner.
The game platform will be released in the second half of 2019

Shopping center for ANCO members
Promote shopping center using ANCO's user members.
Provide different membership incentives when making payments through ANCO and collect the majority of data from different markets.
SPA & Beauty!
Open the Southeast Asia Spa – the direct store of beauty management
Use ANCO and enjoy those best services.

Beauty Franchise Spa is about to open direct stores of management

Ho Chi Minh in May 2019

Nha Trang in July 2019

Da Nang in October 2019

Entertainment Plan Management
In recent years, entertainment markets such as YOUTUBE and K POP have grown steadily in the South-east Asia.

ANCO has been creating new value through the development of cultural content such as MOVIE, MUSIC, YOUTUBE.

Real Payment Pan-Asia
Base - Step 1
Make prevention of computer intrusion technology become technical and develop crypto-currency, and certify transaction points

Step 2 - Gain On/Offline Partners
Provide members for Coin owners to expand online payment partners

Open Chain Stores - Step 3
Open and operate a series of online and offline members for entertainment activities including China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines

Consumer Information Revenue
Encrypt consumer data through the technology of preventing from computer intrusion.

Coin Usage and Partners
Expand consumer information and secure partnership with Coin.

Accumulated consumer information sales and Big data-based business
Sell most of the data of the majority of consumers accumulated in advertising businesses and companies, converting used revenue into Coin values

Why do companies want consumer data ?
Companies always want to develop for the future.

Consumer trends and consumer patterns can be a very valuable reference for growth in companies. However, there are people who do not want their personal information leaked.

ANCO can create a new type of business model by protecting consumers' personal information and forming the majority of data that the company wants.

Coffee and coffee places
The data contains all the information about what users want and how they use it.

Capturing the flow of major customer classes in the data and providing suitable products that are relevant to the benefit of all customers and businesses so the use of most data is essential, which is not an option for the company.

The core of ANCO business is the participation and data of many Pan-Asia consumers. Therefore, we divide up the profits for participants. All marketing and sales agency costs are paid to actual participants.

Value can be extended through ICO and IEO based on the value of data which occurs when more than 10,000 ANCO are owned.

When you buy a package, you pay in proportion to the encrypted coins and each class will enter class 1 and participate in the prize

Example: To buy C, you must buy A and B.
With A + B + C = $ 800 / ANCO $ 0.05, pay 16,000 ANCO

~ May 31, $ 0.05
June 1 - July 31 $ 0.1
August 1 - October 31 $ 0.15
Contract A
Contract C
Contract D
Awarding Conditions
Based on the total number of participants in each class, the 1st and 2nd position with the highest score will receive the bonus and will move on to the next class.

Example: Class1 Total number of prizes 10,20,30,40,50. Class2 Total number of prizes is 25,50,75,100 and so on.
Class 1
Class 2
Class 3
Class 4
Class 5
Class 6
Class 7
Class 8
Class 9
Class 10
Earn Rewards and Get 6 Points Daily!
1. Log in from the company website every day and check your situation!

2. Perform SNS tasks as required by the company!

Method of collecting points
Just because you bought the first package, we will give you certain points every time someone comes after you.
(Maximum of 15 people, maximum of 145 points)

A 10% Bonus for all direct referrals.
Bonus for each class
Example: Bonus A B C D in the first prize case in all packages ($2800), overall 872 200$ !

Additional Bonus
In class 6 and above, you will receive an additional bonus for the first bonus!

Example: A B C D The additional reward is awarded at the first prize in all packages ($ 2800), overall 644 000$!!!
ANCO offers the biggest rewards
Total Bonus: $1,516,200!!
In the first prize case in all packages ($ 2800) A B C D the maximum of received amount includes additional bonuses. $872,200 (bonus)+ $644,000 (additional bonus).

Promotions for ANCO Users
Get exited for monthly promotions and lotteries, we reward our community with the best prizes!
8% Payments
We pay out a large 8% to our community. ANCO lets you grow with the project and take part in the success.
For our best performing community members we will offer great cars as a thanks for their service.
Watches and Luxury Bags
Successful people are the ANCO community, that is why we plan to reward them with luxury items.

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